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Silkworm Chow (Food) 8 oz.

Silkworm Chow (Food) 8 oz.


**If more than 16 oz of food is wanted please contact me at***


Pre-made mulberry food ships ready to feed in a 8 oz bag by weight. The food is ready to use out of the box and should be stored in the refrigerator. You will need 3-4 qty. 12 oz. Of silkworm chow to grow 1000 worms to the cocoon stage. Silkworm food is a mulberry based food and is one of only two food sources you can feed silkworms. Our food is as close to fresh mulberry leaves you can get. Silkworms have very specific food requirements and will only eat fresh mulberry leaves or our food. Our food will allow you to keep silkworm's year around to feed your treasured pets. The food contains everything a silkworm needs to sustain life and go through its life cycle.

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